Market Series : Borough Market, London

Hi guys, I’d like to do market series where I’ll be sharing some photos of local markets that I had visited while I lived in Melbourne and on my visit to London. I love going to the market, the produce are good, fresh and also relatively cheaper than supermarket price. I also love the ambiance, the excitement of the owner trying to sell their goods, and sometimes there are also stalls selling delicious mouth-watering food.

The first market is Borough market, I was not only excited for the things I mentioned above, but also the fact that a Harry Potter scene was shot here. I grew up watching Harry Potter, and to be able to come here felt magical.


Super yum duck confit!
There are lots of food indoor and also outdoor
Super delicious Italian stall around the corner
Molto buono gnocchi!
Salty and spicy calamari! We stood by the counter, pay, eat, finish, pay eat finish on repeat!  


spicy sausage chorizo! 
way more crowded outside and more food!

Till the next market series!


Gabby xx



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