The trip to Amalfi Coast

I was elated to finally visit this beautiful place, I had waited for two years! I missed the chance when I did my study exchange in Milan but there I finally got there! We flew to Napoli International Airport and took taxi to Sorrento for a flat fee of 100 euros some cabs are bigger than the other and many drivers are lining up right at the arrival hall entrance. There was 6 of us, we approached one of the many taxi drivers but he only let 4 of us and suggested us to get another cab. We thought it would be way too expensive so we tried looking for other alternative. Suddenly a man approached us from behind and offered us 150 euros for the 6 of us and I agreed.

The journey to Sorrento took us an hour and the sea was our view and also the Mt Vesuvius.




After settling at our Airbnb, we walked towards the city area and also the sea side. It was a beautiful summer day with plenty of sun. The colourful buildings were unfamiliar in Italy. You could get down to the beach via a public lift at a cost of 2 euros if I am not mistaken. The city street is filled with shops selling fashion items, snacks and of course your favourite gelato.


The next day we had plan to explore Capri but unfortunately it was raining and according to the forecast, it will be raining the whole day so the trip was cancelled. We were disappointed, we were all ready for island hopping and to swim in their clear water. So we went to Pompeii instead which is reachable by the local train -Circumvesuviana train –  stopping at Pompeii Scavi for less than 5 euros for a return trip. Make sure you board the right train and platform.

My sister had read in many reviews that many people got scammed into buying another train tickets by claiming that the tickets that was bought was wrong. So we were very vigilant. In the platform and also the train, a lady in a non-uniform clothing approach my sister to ask for our tickets but we ignored her. Suddenly she came with the security officer and asked for our tickets, we showed them and it was all fine. We were worried that we might get scammed because she did not check for other passengers ticket so we thought we were being targeted.

Anyway, it was raining almost the whole time we were in Pompeii only to clear up as we were leaving *sigh. We visited the ruins that was once a palace but was destroyed by the volcanic eruption. There was also preserved cast of people who were not able to flee during the eruption.


The following day we visited Positano, Amalfi and Ravello. We used the service offered by our airbnb host which was a private tour that includes our private van and driver who took us to those places and lunch. I surely wouldn’t recommend this as we stopped at each places only for very briefly, less than 1 hr. However, during the summer period, it is super crowded, renting personal car would be troublesome as there were not many parking spaces, even if there is it would be a long walk to the centre and given how small the road is, you would not want to park your car just anywhere in the road for risk of it getting damaged by another car. The SITA local bus is cheap but was super packed like sardine fish. I think the Hop-on-Hop-off red bus would be better, I see it more frequently and less packed than the SITA bus. The bus takes you from sorrento to these places and is not overly expensive.




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A famous alcoholic drink made from lemon – I drank a small sip during my lunch I felt like I was flying in an instance and super sleepy afterwards


Bella Positano


Small alleys in Amalfi coast packed with tourists
gotta enjoy the fresh local produce
The view of our lunch

Compared to the other two, Ravello was the least crowded and its structures are also different. There is not colourful houses, mostly white colour.


En route back to Sorrento
Stopped by this fruit and juice cart and the owner loved me too much that he styled me with his fruits 😀
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Fortunately, unlike the previous day, it was a sunny beautiful summer!

After our Amalfi trip, we went back to Sorrento and dipped in the Mediterranean sea.


Sent a postcard to a friend and it got to her!

I was happy to finally visit Amalfi coast, it is a truly romantic place and relaxing. It is definitely better to visit when it is less crowded but still get the sun. But since it is in a southern Italy, I doubt temperature would drop that much. To return to the airport, we booked online, and it is way cheaper than the taxi. It was around 17 euro per person. So I recommend you to book online for your return trip Airport – Sorrento as you can save a lot!

My next destination for Italy would be Sicily! Of course Id love to come back here for Capri again and Positano, Sorrento!


Gabby xx


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