My DIY of Bergen in a Nutshell

Last summer, I visited one of the most beautiful countries in the world – Norway. Super stoked for this trip and as I have got limited time I only visited Stavanger (check my previous post for more exciting days in Stavanger ) and Bergen. I found Norwegian in general to be very kind, honest, punctual, super healthy, fit and good-looking. I saw many people there wearing hiking clothing and bag pack and stick, all ready or finished their hike. I love every bits of Norway (except for its cost to travel there). I spent 3 days and 2 nights in Bergen and here are some photos I took during the trip.

Centre of Bergen City
Waterfront where you arrive and depart Bergen to other places
I certainly wouldn’t find these kind of housing in my hometown
Felt like walking around Universal Studio
Great coffee spot for coffee lovers like me @Kaffemisjonen
Top of Bergen at Mt Ulriken


I had initially plan to take the cable car at Fløibanen to see Bergen City from atop but I got the wrong place and ended up at Mt Ulriken instead. I had mistaken the pamphlet for Mt Ulriken to be Floibanen and followed the instructions there to get to the destinations LOL! I asked the staff working at Mt Ulriken for the difference between the views and she said Floibanen would give a more magnified view of the city. While we were taking the cable car (170NOK,- return appx. 22USD), Mt Ulriken is also accessible by hiking up for free.

Views from the railway


The colour of the water was captivating and I wonder how cold it was
During the train journey, we had about 5mins less to get down the train and enjoy the waterfall and a dance performance by a lady in red

We took a train trip from Bergen Station towards Flåm, it was said to be one of the most scenic rides in the world, the same train would take passengers to Oslo. Flam is surrounded by really beautiful highlands (or fjord). I have read that you may do some kayaking here, aside from that all I can do was strolling around and hiked a bit to see Flam from atop. Then to get back to Bergen we took the express ferry (about 5 hours long). The ferry is super comfortable, it has charging point at every seat and sells snacks and coffee.

Processed with VSCO


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
I just wanna forget all the stress at that very moment


the interior of the ferry
Passing through the King of Fjord, Sognefjord!
It felt surreal!
We stopped at many villages for drop off and pick ups – this stop is a STUNNER!
Approaching Bergen and welcomed by the view of Bryggen
View from my airbnb
Around 12 midnight

The old town of Bergen still feel authentic, many of the old structures were preserved. I hardly found any modern buildings there. The scene at the waterfront and the Bryggen made me feel like I was brought back to olden times in Europe where port is vital for trade and living. I could imagine people busy loading in and out with merchants buying and selling.

The weather in Bergen was moody, at least when we were there. In a day, it was raining, gloomy, sunshine and then gloomy again. Most of times we were there it was cloudy. Even though it was summer, the weather was still chilli. The food there is expensive, I bought stuff from grocery to cook simple dishes in my airbnb. My airbnb was perfect, it was cozy, not too far from city center and to top it, it has beautiful view of the city. I believe it was a midnight sun that we experienced, the sky was still bright when we go to bed and the sun never seem to really set.

I love Bergen and I hope to visit Norway again in the future, LOFOTEN would be the next destination in Norway!


Gabby xx


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  1. Absolutely stunning photos! I loved Bergen when I visited, and someone told me it rains something like 300 days of the year? I’ll definitely be going back to do the train/ferry trip to Flåm, looks so pretty!

    1. Hi Becky! Thanks for reading my blog, Bergen is truly amazing and Norway is definitely a wonder! yes, it rained a lot when I was there 😀 I was lucky at least during my ferry trip it was sunny, and you should definitely do do it!

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