Ski Trip to Falls Creek in Australia

Hello again folks! In this post, Id like to share a memorable moment while I was studying in Melbourne. In my last year, some of my friends and I decided to join the ski/snowboarding trip organised by a student association in our school. We went in early August for 3 days and 2 nights. I m sorry that I won’t be able to provide you with details regarding pricing because I paid a package to the association which includes bus rides to and from Melbourne, unlimited lift passes for 3 days, the ski gear and jackets and pants rentals and also the 2 nights accomodations. If I am not mistaken I paid around $650AUD.

It is definitely pricey, but if you have your own gear and clothing and don’t mind staying in a more further area I m sure it could be cheaper.


Above is the map of the area, we stayed at an accomodation near the foot of the Falls Express Lift. This ski trip was the second time ever in my life, the first one was when I was 8 or 9 y.o. in Korea and then I barely ski, I was too scared and there was no guide. During the trip I was lucky that there was a class for beginners where we practiced at a gentle slope the basics for skiing. I think it was free but make sure you get there in time for the session, mine started as early as 8.30a.m.

The first day of the ski I was physically and mentally exhausted, I am no sportswoman, everything was hard – carrying the ski gear was heavy and walking with the boots on was difficult. As the road is slippery from the ice, I fell a few times while walking to and from the accomodation. I was regretting it and telling myself why would I pay so much to get tortured LOL I was complaining every single time, my friends probably got tired of me :p

After the practice session, me and my friend attempted  to go for the real thing and ski down to Drovers Dream trail no.5. It was supposedly for beginner but man, we were dying, it took us almost 3 hrs to get down. We were exhausted yet felt a sense of achievement as we made it!

We saw many young kids who were really good at skiing and we hoped we can be as good as them!


By night, my whole body was aching, it was experiencing a shock from all the falls and new movements. Next morning, I did not begin with great mood and was late for the beginner class, fortunately the coach still accepted me in. However, after only a few minutes practicing on the gentle slope we moved on to the Drovers dream. And I screamed inside , ‘Whatt! again?!’ I almost didn’t want to do it but I told myself I already paid for the trip and the coach is there. So there I went back to the trail.


 Well, surprise! I got down in less than 15 minutes, I was amazed at myself. I couldn’t believe myself. So I realise, the reason I kept falling was because I hesitated too much, and the fear of falling made me used my stick to stop all the time which instead caused me to trip. So I went back up with the lift and went down again and I did it again!

Just look at the excitement ! :p

Then, I challenged myself for the longer beginner trail that is the Wombat rambles trail no.6. It was surprisingly easier than the Drovers dream because the slope was much more gentle. I was happy at my achievements and there I was a happy kid going up and down the trail. Even my friends were teasing me for my excitement because I was the biggest complainer the previous day.

IMG_4182I was very lucky to have plenty of sun that day and great amount of snow.


During the night, we strolled around the village, it was empty and has plenty of snows. We love it! when else would we get to see that much snow! and we visited a cafe called Milch where we had hot chocolate.


The next day, we decided not to ski since we do not want to be too tired for class the next day. We strolled around the area again instead. All in all, it was a trip to remember, kudos to me and my friends who did not give up and extra point to my friends for withstanding my complaints. I am certainly looking forward to another ski trip!

Thanks for reading guys! Another ski place I know is amazing in Victoria is Mt Hotham, I haven’t been there myself but according to my friends who are avid skiers voted it as the best. Falls Creek is about 6 hrs away from Melbourne and for more info on lift passes prices and rental gear visit their page at


Gabby xx




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