Melbourne x Coffee x Food!

Hey guys! so on this post, I will be sharing some of my favourite brunch, lunch and dinner spots while I was in Melbourne. Coffee and food are a big part to Oz culture and its diverse culture had allowed me to eat many delicious food from around the world. The pictures I took were not perfect and may not look appetising but I SWEAR they are super uber delicious!

1. Ratee Thai

Location : Port Philip Arcade opposite Flinders St Station

Ratee Thai gotta be one of my favourites Thai food in Melbourne. It is not very expensive for student like me ($11 – $13) and what’s more the owner were the kindest and sweetest. I frequented this place a LOT, in fact, every Saturday for lunch I always come here :p I did not try all of their menus, so in my 4 years, yup, I ate only 3 of their dishes – Tom yum soup with rice, Phad Thai and Stir fry crispy pork with chinese broccoli –  on repeat because they were THAT DELICIOUS!  When I can’t decide, I bought both tom yum and phad thai and took it home and ate half-half of the two :p

2. Ying Thai

Location : Lygon St x Queensberry St

For centre food, I d recommend Ying Thai because they have got greater selection in their menus. It is more expensive than Ratee Thai (at least $18 per person). There are so many favourites. My favourites are : Green curry, phad thai, stir fry crispy pork with chinese broccoli, phad grapow and deep fried pork skin. Their phad grapow is really spicy so if you are can’t handle chilli well I suggest you tell them in advance to tone it down. It closes on Monday and if I am not mistaken, cash only.

3. La Freddo – Dolce

Location : Lygon st x queensberry st – next to Ying Thai

After a great meal at Ying Thai, my friends and I would scoot over to have ice-cream at Freddo. I think they have the best ice-cream in Melbourne. My favourites are: Pistachio, Ferraro Rocher, Green tea, Durian! (awesome), and Pandan. Love it so much that my friend got me a tube for my bday !

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4. FOMO Thai

Location : Bourke St x Russel St

I visited both Ratee thai and Ying thai countless times when I was in Melbourne, however, I visited this restaurant twice both during friends birthday celebration. The reason was simply because it is further by walking distance from my school and home. Their food were tasty ! My top two favourites are their crying tiger – char-grilled tenderloin and crispy pork belly!

5. +39 Pizzeria

Location : 362 Little Bourke St

Such a shame I have only tried this place on my last few months in Melbourne while searching for dinner spot for a friend’s bday. I walked to this street a lot to eat Chinese dumpling and Ramen but never visited it until then. My absolute favourite is their Tartufata Pizza ($17) – I love mushroom!


6. Shanghai St Dumpling

Location : 342 Lt Bourke St ( next to +39 Pizzeria) – smaller space, 64 La Trobe St (closes on Sunday) and 146 Lt Bourke St – bigger space

Both their boiled and stir-fried pork dumpling are THE BEST! it is super tasty and inexpensive too. $9 for 12 dumplings and $8 for the noodle with spicy pork sauce. Both portions are big and can be shared between 2 people and you will still be very full! They are usually crowded and I always queue whenever I went to eat there so be patient, they serve their food quickly and customers tend to not stay in the restaurant very long.

7. GAMI chicken and Beer

Location: Russel st x Lt Londsdale st

This gotta be my favourite Korean restaurant in Melbourne, I mean I celebrated my birthday here every year when I was in Melbourne. I would always go with my friends and would order these at every visit: Half-half fried chicken (soy garlic sauce and spicy sweet sauce), Corn Cheese, and Fried Rice Cake.


8. Short Stop Coffee and Doughnuts

Location: 5 Sutherland St, Melbourne 3000

Situated right across the apartment building I used to live in, this place was just perfect for me. The staff were friendly, their coffees were amazing and doughnuts perfetto! My favourite is their banana hazelnut doughnut! It is soft, packed with goodness and not overly sweet. One is almost never enough :p


9. Hardware Societe

Location: 120 Hardware St

This place is just around the corner of my apartment too. I was lucky to live surrounded by many great coffees and delicacies. This place is always crowded, even when I got here around 8a.m. it is already packed. I came to eat on my first year in Melbourne but I thought the food was so-so and more expensive compared to other brunch places I have gone. So I hardly came back until my last year there I bought their coffee because Short Stop was not yet opened. And, man, I thought it was the best coffee I have tasted in Melbourne. Their coffee immediately top my list.


10. Bibelot

Location: 285 Conventry St, South Melbourne

I have heard that this place was superb and when I finally got tot try their cakes, it was HEAVENLY! They have huge range of cake, if you can’t decide, ask the friendly staff if there is samples to try on. The cakes are about $5 each.


11. Chokolait

Location: Level 3 Emporium Melbourne or Royal Arcade at Bourke St

I am a huge dark chocolate fan! This place gotta have the best hot and cold chocolate drink! Most hot chocolate drink I have tried is either too thick or runny. This has just the perfect thickness and didn’t leave me feeling sick after drinking. The place also served some cakes and range of chocolates (milk, dark, etc). Definitely my ultimate indulgence.


Thanks for checking on my fave food in Melbourne, I apologise for the lack of photos of the food, I tried digging up my pic gallery but I think I devoured my food too quickly so there is no photos, sobs! There are just so many delicious food in Melbourne that I have yet to explore. I am huge fan of Thai and Korean cuisine, and I love desserts! Let me know what is your favourite place in Melbourne!


Gabby xx







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