Road trip to Tasmania, Australia

Australia is a very big country, and while studying there I have had the privilege to travel around with my good friends. We certainly enjoy road tripping because we got to spend times in the car over the long ride. After our exam in June, the 3 of us went off to Tasmania, it is under 2 hrs away from Melbourne by plane (you can also go by ferry from Melbourne). This was my second visit to Tasmania, on my first trip I also went in winter around the same time, well I LOVE IT! That’s why I came back.

We took a morning flight and arrived at Hobart Int Airport around 7 a.m. and we waited a while in the airport until our rented car company (at the airport) opened. There is plenty of rented car companies in the airport – Avis, Hertz, Eurocars, etc –  and booking ahead is always a good idea.

Once we got our car, we set off to Mt Wellington, the highest peak in Hobart. It was freezing cold in the morning. The wind was super strong, it was so hard to open our car doors and they slammed right away to close on its own – no kidding – it was a typhoon-like experience.

View of the city from up above
We were lucky to have a clear sky as in my 1st visit it was foggy
But it was unbearably cold that morning I had to run in and enjoy the view from the observatory

After our lunch, we head off to take the ferry to Bruny Island. It took about 20mins drive to the port and the ferry took about an hour. We bought the ticket on the spot. Make sure to arrive earlier just to make sure you reserve yourself a place by joining the queue.

My travel companions! We took the stairs up to see the Neck from above.
I believe in geographic term it is called a tombolo? or split?
We were more than happy after the stressful exam weeks
Kudos to these two who can drive very well :p

I was wearing my friend’s parka here because I got sick after the windy morning in Mt Wellington LOL.. I think because I haven’t had any breakfast in the morning since I was up from like 3 a.m. and then suddenly having to wage war against the wind I was K.O. my body was freezing and her parka saved me! Thanks Juri for lending me yours!

The neck itself was the highlight for bruny island, afterwards we enjoy some fresh Oysters at Get Shucked Oyster Bar. There are beaches and lighthouse too but we did not go for it as we were going for the long drive to Freycinet National Park.

It took us almost 3 hrs covering almost 200km in distance. Driving Australia can be tricky as animals like kangaroos could suddenly jumped in front of our car or wombats trying to cross the street. The animals may died from being hit/run off and the car will potentially be damaged, so always be careful and alert!

We spent the night at an Airbnb within the Freycinet National Park. We did not go down to the beach as the weather turn gloomy again and it was a looooong way down and up again.

Up the next morning we hike up to see Wineglass bay
I thought my 2nd hike here would be a gloomy one again but it rains a bit and TA-DAA!                   Mr Sun appeared!


backlight! I have no idea how to set the camera right

We set off to the north-west of tassy to see the Binalong Bay! the road was most of the time empty, it felt like our own road!

sunny on the way there
But the sun decided to set when we got there
The 3 of us just couldn’t stop taking photos

Just a few metres when we were heading off to Launceston, we came across a beach ( literally next to the our location above) and decided to take some photos there.

by the time we took the pics the sun was completely out
The picture definitely didn’t turn out as to what I’ve imagined

As for the second night, we stayed at Launceston, 2 hr and half from the Binalong Bay. The Airbnb was perfect, it was a renovated basement and the owner greeted us with delicious scones too!

There was heater on the bed which kept us warm all night!

The third day, after a good night sleep at the house we left for Lake St Clair. It was 2 and half hours trip. On the way there again it was sunny but then again in the noon it started raining again. So I was disappointed with the weather as it continues to rain and fog. I kept searching for nice photography spot but only ended up with mud covering our shoes.

After a brief rain, the sun was up a bit and I was optimistic
But that did not last long, the cloud started to cry again

From here we left to see Cradle Mountain. It was another long drive (3 hrs), the rain continued, the road was almost empty and even when stopped by at Queenstown, most of the shops were already closed by 7.30p.m. We bought some groceries to cook at our cabin.

On our last day before our flight back to Melbourne, we left early in the morning to go the Cradle Mountain by the Dove Lake area. And yes, it rained again, turned out that week was rainy week. To go to the national park, you’d need the purchase tickets by the visitor centre.


We had hope to hike around the trail a bit which will take only 2-3 hrs but with the weather it was not ideal for us. So we only walked around close to the parking lot.

A boat shed and Dove Lake
As soon as the clouds moved away, say CHEESE!
During the season the colour is mainly greenish-brown

On the way back to Launceston, we visited Glowworm Cave at Mole Creek. We managed to see some glow worm but not that much as it was not the season yet. The drive to Launceston would take 2 hrs without the stop to Glowworm. My advice is to fly to Hobart then leave from Launceston or vice versa because really, Tasmania is just too big and it would be less tiring too for the driver. Make sure your rented car allows flexible drop-off points.

It was a memorable trip, although large part of it was in the car (we covered almost 1000km in 4 days) but we had good chat. The ride was enjoyable since the road is very well maintained and connected. The road was mostly empty and straight, so always check the speed limit sign as you would not want to be fine on your holiday for slightly over-speeding.

The three of us are now in different parts of the country, we have all left for good from Melbourne and are now busy with our own works. I really hope we can go for our next road trip, New Zealand maybe? 😉 by then, I shall be one of the drivers too ;p Let me know your favourite road tripping destination and destination in the comment below, and thanks for reading!


Gabby xx


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