Stavanger and Preikestolen, Norway

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Norway, I love nature and history, obviously Norway has it all – the fjords, lakes, mountains. And FINALLY, I got the chance to visit this beauty last July, 2016. We flew from London Heathrow to Stavanger Airport with SAS. From the airport to the city we took a bus (Flybussen) just right outside the terminal for 108NOK,- one way that is approx. US$13 and we paid on the spot.

COLD and WINDY! I had expected the weather would be cold even in summer, what I did not see coming was how strong the wind was. Stavanger is a small city with moderate size population. We arrived at noon and after checking in our apartment we went to explore  the city by foot.

Øvre Holmegate

We passed Øvre Holmegate, a funky and colorful street as we head over to the Old Town to exchange money. However, we could not find any so I recommend that you do so before coming to Stavanger, I did managed to exchange some while I was in Bergen.

Wooden colourful buildings

There was stretch of restaurants in the Old Town and people were out chilling while enjoying the sun!

Before returning to our apartment we hanged around the Geoparken. It was filled with kids and adults accompanying them. The park was made up of recycled material, very creative!

The following day we made our way to the Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). We bought tickets online from “Tide” which includes return ferry trip from Fiskepiren in Stavanger to Tau and then bus service from Tau to the foot of the Pulpit Rock (320NOK,- app.US$39). Another option was Kjeragbolten, we chose Pulpit Rock because the hike was easier (yet it was the hardest hike I ever did), but if you are experienced and fit I assume this would be easy. The hike up took us about 2 and half hours.


Just beneath the Pulpit Rock is the Lysefjord, if you are not fit to hike, you may rent a boat or go with a tour to explore the fjord and see pulpit rock from below. I had initally plan to rent a kayak after the hike, but we were too tired from the hike and plus the drizzle was nonstop so we decided to head back to Stavanger instead.

20160707_143707Notes for hiking:

  • At least 1L of water per person
  • Light waterproof/ windbreaker jacket as your body will start to heat up and sweat as you hike, you may want to remove your jacket and you wouldn’t want to carry heavy stuff
  • Proper shoes as it may get slippery
  • Bring food/snacks to eat up there
  • Go as light as possible i.e. backpack filled with the necessities above, try not to bring too many hand carry as you may want to hold on to something while going up/ down.
  • Lastly, you are ALMOST there! Don’t give in! Have some breaks and go on 🙂

In the middle of our hike and also as we were going down, it was drizzling, luckily it did not turn into heavy rain. I was proud that my dad and aunt managed to reach on top! Initially, when the drizzle got slightly heavier and the way got steeper, they decided to wait down (they completed 80% of the journey) but suddenly I saw them catching up to us up there! I was happy that they got to see what we went there for! Although, there was no sunshine that day, the view was still breath-taking and man! that hike was a RECORD HIKE for me! and probably for the rest of my family too. The hike was the most memorable one and most spoken-off story for our holiday, definitely a HIGHLIGHT!

I will definitely go back for Kjeragbolten next time! and important notes to people who loves taking “cool instagram photo” please be careful and always look at where you are standing, never endanger yourself for cool photo/ selfi, it aint’t cool!

Let me know in the comment if I have missed something on the trip or for any questions related to the trip! Thanks for reading 🙂


Gabby xx




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