Beautiful Florence, Italy

I had gone to Milan, Rome, Venice and Verona before I finally visited Florence and this gotta be my favourite! It was less crowded than Venice and Rome and there weren’t any who tried to approach me trying to pull some tricks or sell in a rowdy manner. The people were generally friendly and it was just 2 and half hours away from Milan by train.

I did day-trip to Pisa and Lucca from Florence. I will be sharing my photos in this post, enjoy! 🙂

Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, Novembre 2014

The details on the Duomo was just awe-inspiring. Right across the Duomo is Battistero di San Giovanni, unfortunately it was under renovation when I was there. I heard it was beautiful. The buildings are very close to one another and tall, so I love to have a bird’s eyes view of the city, I recommend climbing up the tower (the entrance is on the right side of the Duomo). I was not sure if there is a lift that can take you up but be sure to check.


Picure-perfect sunny day!

We head over to Ristorante il Paiolo at Via del Corso for lunch, it was molto buono! as the Italians would say.


Afterwards, my friend and I strolled around the city and came across this lively piazza at via degli speziali with carousel and a band playing music on the background. It was more than enough to put a smile on us!


From where I come, the canal would be probably be filled with trash, so this one was picture worthy. The bridge behind me is Ponte Vecchio, a very very old one but it is still very strong I believe. I got there on time, such a golden hour! We stayed until the sun sets.


We head over the higher ground to Piazzale Michelangelo to see Florence with lights brightening up the city. The view in the afternoon is as beautiful.


On a separate day, we went to Pisa from Florence, 1 and half hour by train to see one of the wonders of the world. You can climbed up the Pisa tower at a cost. Then after spending an hour there we had to choose between Lucca and Sienna, we decided to go to Lucca since it was much closer.



I would personally skipped Pisa if I was on a short holiday coming from far away place. There was not much to do and see so Pisa tower was all I get. However, if Pisa tower is like the Eiffel tower of Italy to you then definitely go for it.

Halloween day at Lucca



Lucca is a small city surrounded by large wall, going there on halloween day was a mistake. If you enjoy the costume party it may be great for you but it just wasn’t my thing. It was super duper crowded and when we tried to leave for Florence at 6p.m. the station was packed, and the entrance was re-routed. We followed the crowd walking as per directed by the authority to find that the entrance was again re-routed since there were way too many people. It was a mess.

My friend and I finally found the line and goodness gracious! mamma mia! There was almost a thousand people ahead of us and very few trains. As we checked to see how far the line all the way to the front, my friend saw a gap and she pulled me in and we and some others manage to cut the queue and rush in to the train. After we entered, the authorities quickly closed the gap. Damn, we were LUCKY! I was relieved to be on the train finally at 8.30p.m., I was so scared we would get scolded for cutting queue (truly sorry to the people whom we cut).

It was crazy yet memorable. Throughout my visit in Florence we walked everywhere and I love just how I could enjoy many corners leisurely by walking.  I am definitely going to Sienna next time and to Florence again!


Gabby xx



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