3 Days in Barcelona

Off from chilly Milan towards the sunny Barcelona in late December. I’d say the atmosphere the city gave me was similar to that in Italy. In particular, the people, they are friendly, approachable and warm. We were there for 3 days and 2 nights and we stayed at Hostel Amra ( short walking distance from the Plaza Catalunya) the size of the room was perfect for the four of us (yup, it was big).

Day 1: La Rambla

So first, while waiting for the arrival of our friend from the UK, the three of us had lunch at a traditional spanish restaurant with this big cow statue at the front which probably attract our attention.


Afterwards, we walked around la rambla street and did some shopping since it was sale season and clothes from brand like Zara is relatively cheaper there. So we all girls LOVE it! And as evening approached we went to check the Mercado de la Boqueria. 


The market was very packed so always pay attention to your belongings at all times. The market sells fresh food and vegetables and spices.

The La Rambla Street

Day 2: Montserrat

Here is a link on how you can get there from Barcelona https://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/en/tour/barcelona-montserrat.html

It was very easy to get there on your own by local train and then the rack railway/ cable car. Make sure to check the last departing rack railway/ cable car and train back to the city. We chose the rack railway because it takes longer (15 mins compared to 5 mins by cable car) so that we could enjoy the view better. We purchased an all-in one ticket called TransMontserrat for 32 euros.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-04 at 23.11.24

As we were ascending, I thought it was fogging or cloudy with a chance of rain but in fact we were passing the clouds!

In seventh heaven!



I recommend that you hike up a little bit to enjoy Montserrat at different angles and find the different interesting shapes of the rocks formation, it was a relatively easy walk.

The sun felt so closed it kissed us



As the sun began to set, we headed to the monastery where the Virgin of Montserrat statue was placed. Unfortunately, we did not have any photos of the monastery from the inside but it was beautiful and worth visiting given its history and significance.


Day 3 : Antoni Gaudí – the Architect Genius 

The whole day was dedicated to marvel at Gaudi’s work before our departure flight at 8 pm. Although it will be packed with tourists and entry tickets may not be cheap, the experience is priceless!

By 10 am we arrived at Park Güell, approximately 45 mins from where we stayed and entry ticket is 8 euros.




After enjoying the park for about 1 and half hour we head off to Sagrada Família, a good 30 mins walk or 20 mins by bus. When we got there we were stressed to see the queue to buy the tickets, it was so long. Fortunately, while queuing we managed to buy the tickets online and enter the church. So definitely, buy your tickets online guys even if it’s 2 euros or 3 more, I think it’s worth it if you are tight on schedule. Basic entry ticket is 16 euros (without audio guide, etc).



Yup! my jaw almost dropped literally! Sagrada familia is definitely very distinct from all the basilicas I had visited in Italy. The exterior and interior design are just way beyond imagination. I could not even stopped looking up when I entered the church, it was MAGNIFICENT, so breathtaking.


Our last destination was Casa Batlló, the location was closest to our hostel so we leave it to last. Entry ticket was 22 euros and it was student price, so it is pricey but totally worth it.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


During our 3 days in Barcelona we were so blessed to have the sunshine brightly and did everything we wanted to do. If any of you feel I have missed something, please let me know by commenting and I’d be sure to check it out and hopefully I have another chance to visit Barcelona again!


Gabby xx


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