Introduction – A Day Trip to Como Lake, Italy

Hey all! So I finally posted something after creating my WordPress account almost 4 years ago. At that time, I was too focus on using set of flowery words to describe my trip and on the photo editing which really led me to nothing. So here are stories on my past travels. To me, these are very personal and they are reminder to me of why I should be grateful when times are tough and in case I got older and forget what happened during these precious moments 🙂


Just a few days before my departure from Milan, my sister, a friend and I went to visit Lago di Como on the 3rd week of December 2014. It was approximately an hour away by train from Milano Centrale. From here on, I will be sharing our photos from our arrival to departure, basically our day itinerary, enjoy!


We arrived early in the morning (8.30 am) and were lucky to have Mr Sun! I mean it was late December and just a day trip so perfect weather is big blessing! What I love about towns/ villages in Italy are that they are usually small and therefore easy to access just by walking around on foot which is great for leisure and great opportunity to really explore without having to worry about the ‘to-do-lists’.

Brioche con marmalate e un latte machiato for breakfast!


While waiting to catch our ferry to visit Bellagio Village, we roamed around the town around which was pretty small and could be finished in 30 mins. Note: if you are going during the low season, always check the ferry schedule as it is not as frequent. Or you can catch a bus to go there too for cheaper option (which we did for our return back from bellagio).

The area itself is made up of many villages which can be accessed by boat or bus


View from the boat, so beautiful I don’t even have to edit it
My personal favourite 

Tranquil! The perfect word to describe the feeling I got while seeing this scene and even now just through the picture. If I am not mistaken, the building in the middle is villa del balbianello where some famous movies are shot I believe. When I first saw the villa, not knowing what it was, I thought ‘wow, whoever gotta live there is lucky, must be so peaceful!’.

Jolly me walking down my runaway

The village was literally EMPTY! I might have missed the festivities during the high season because my friends went in September and told me it was super packed! Well, again, a street to myself, I take that as a blessing to pose :p although sadly, most shops and restaurants were closed.

Had lunch there since we assume that was prolly the only one open in the area
Friendly locals who posed readily at me who was holding a camera! Say ‘formaggi‘!


The rest of the day, we enjoyed strolling around the village, having the park to ourselves, not having too many people covering our background photos or worry about hitting someone with our selfi-stick :p


A we were trying to locate the bus stop, we were again lucky to meet other tourists who were much more informed on the bus time and location. Hadn’t we meet them, we might missed the bus and have had to wait an hour or more for the next! Fiuhhh.. So, we did not buy the bus ticket in advance since we knew it was not busy. On the bus itself we were not able to buy the ticket or pay. However, on the way to the town centre the bus stopped at a mini-market where we could go down to purchase one.

The bus driver was the nicest person! So I had terrible stomach ache just few minutes before the bus was about to depart and the public toilet was about 300m away. I told the driver I was going to the toilet and “so please wait for me 5 mins” I said.  Anyway it took longer than 5mins and I was running back fearing we might be left but the driver was so super kind enough to wait. I was GRATEFUL! And on the bus, a tourist vomited and instead of being annoyed, during the stop at the mini-market the bus driver made sure the tourist was fine and cleaned up immediately for the comfort of other passengers. Hands down to this driver!

The sun began to set



As were circling down the road, just nice during the sun set and my sister just picked the right photos at the right moment. Unfortunately, I was asleep! (Whattt!) My sister showed me the picture when we were on our train back to Milan and I was like “whyyy didn’t you wake me up for this view!?”. It was such a golden hour to miss.

All in all, the day was great! I was happy to finally visit Como Lake, so beautiful truly! If I have the chance, I am definitely coming back to this place one day! One of my favourite day trips from Milan!


Gabby xx


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